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Butt Lift Santa Barbara

Butt Lift Santa Barbara

Exercising your way to a bigger butt is a long and strenuous process. Some people want dramatic results with minimal health risks and long-lasting effects. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that 20,000 did a Brazilian butt lift in 2017 and the number will continue to rise as more people trust and understand the process.

FAQ about a butt lift in Santa Barbara

What is a BBL?

BBL uses many different treatments to add volume, define curves and lift. The process begins with liposuction, where the surgeon removes fat from unwanted areas to transfer it to your hips and butt. Butt lift doctors collect the fat in a sterile specialized system that separates your natural body content from the liposuction fluid. A butt lift specialist injects the fat into the marked areas after determining, reviewing, and getting your approval of the result. Do not worry because the procedure only requires minor cuts to reach the desired fat cells.

How different is a BBL?

BBL is unlike most derriere enhancing techniques. It does not introduce foreign objects like silicone into your body but uses your regular body fat to redistribute the body composition. BBL lasts forever, well, as long as you do not reverse or adjust it, and will not risk your health.

Does BBL lift the skin?

BBL does not separate the skin to make it tighter. However, it will appear more familiar because the region is fuller and has more fat, which gives you a youthful position. However, it will remove years from your age and make you look healthier than you were at 20. 

Is it comfortable?

BBL is a comfortable and straightforward procedure that does not feel any different from other surgeries. You will not feel anything during the process because we put you under anesthesia. The tiny holes used to remove and transfer fat is easy to suction out and do not leave you with pain.

Do the results look natural?

Most people who get BBL want to correct a disproportional body with a larger full-body, as they hip up on the lower side. The BBL allows you to get these results most naturally and safely. The transferred fat cells blend into the tissue and continue to function normally. You can trust that a Butt lift at Turner Medical Arts will look and feel like your natural genetic body. The best part is that you may never have to replace the Santa Barbara butt lift results every decade, as you would with other implants.

Do you need inpatient service?

Some cosmetic procedures must have an overnight hospital stay, while others only take 2 hours of your time. The chances of BBL with our team depend on several factors:

  • Amount of fat to transfer
  • Number of areas to treat
  • Size of the area that needs fat transfer
  • The extent of the correction on the butt

We will advise you on how long your procedure will take before beginning to arrange for convenient travel. It is better for you to call our office ((805) 962-1957) for inquiries on in-stay services and answers to all other related issues of buttock augmentation.


Butt Lift Santa Barbara

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