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Child Psychiatrist Irvine

Child Psychiatrist Irvine

The child’s education and growth should follow the evolution of a human being. This case means the best development is by giving the child Orange County California child therapy to evolve at that current moment.

Children learn by imitating them by listening to the caregiver who feels trustworthy and loving. As they grow, they need the parent’s presence more than they need words of direction and guidance. Therefore, it is essential to offer the best intellectual and judgment ability until they can start forming a unique identity from age 21.

Orange County child therapists are essential for the development of the child. They have a medical degree to diagnose and prescribe the best possible treatments for all kinds of mental stress. We can also make recommendations to the parent to have an easy time managing the stress of raising a healthy teen. Here is how to choose the best psychologist.

Qualities of the best child psychiatrist in Irvine


Does the child psychiatrist have referrals? Take time to research the doctor’s reviews to get an idea of their child counseling in Orange County CA. Some clinics host these commentaries on their website, while others will direct you to a third-party review platform like Google and Yelp.

OC Teen Center does not make promises it cannot fulfill. We, however, promise the best work ethic, commitment, and therapy approaches that improve ensure your child has a better chance at life. It is advisable to remember that psychiatrists do not work with thousands of clients in their tenure and may help a handful of clients each year. So do not base your research on a couple of reviews, instead meet or talk with us regarding our past works and how we can create solutions to improve your child’s life.


Board credentials are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing adolescent therapists in Southern California. It would help if you had a doctor with credentials to prove their competency in the service and a board certificate to confirm lack of malpractice and disciplinary actions.

Dr. Sayeh Beheshti is an experienced intensive outpatient doctor who focuses on all kinds of physiological issues. She graduated from the University of California as an MD in 2006 and uses decade-long experience to treat all kinds of psychological issues in teens and adults. She currently works with teens at OC Teen Center and performs procedures that are specific to their growth.


It is essential to feel comfortable with your child’s psychiatrist if you want to send your child over for exclusive discussions. Most times, psychologists are of the highest benefit when understanding the specific gender issues affecting their clients. In addition, we are skilled in caring for all genders more effectively because of our vast experience in all mental and emotional complications, especially because so many young people are lost in choosing or staying comfortable with their gender identity.

Are you ready to begin your inquiry on pediatric mental health services? Call 800-478-0233 today before it is too late to help your teen.


Child Psychiatrist Irvine

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Child Psychiatrist Irvine

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