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Duncan Turner MD Life Style Diet for Santa Barbara and Beyond

In Central California and Bakersfield, medical weight–loss clinics and weight–management programs abound, but very few offer the kind of physician–guided support and clinically proven weight–loss alternatives you will find at Turner Medical Arts, a weight loss clinic located in downtown Santa Barbara. At the helm of our practice is Duncan Turner MD, a board–certified gynecologist and renowned champion of women's health for more than 35 years. His progressive, patient–driven approach to losing weight is founded on the belief that there is no one–size–fits–all method for success. Each person has unique anatomy, metabolism, exercise preferences, hunger tolerance, health concerns, and goals.

Schedule your consultation with Duncan Turner MD at his weight loss clinic today to learn why so many women trust his experience and personalized, patient-centered approach to medical weight loss and management. Request your appointment by email, or phone us at (805) 202-4356.


That's why your initial consultation with Duncan Turner MD at our medical weight loss clinic begins with a long, honest conversation about personal goals, strengths and weaknesses, and dieting history so that he can help you create a solution that's customized just for you. At the Turner Medical Arts weight loss clinic, we want to help you finally lose the weight you want—and keep it off for good. We take it seriously.

Our medical weight–loss clinic and management program include three general evidence–based diet approaches, assisting patients who have a little to lose or a lot:

  • Extreme Weight–Loss Diet
  • Duncan Turner MD Lifestyle Diet
  • Detox and Wellness Program

At the Turner Medical Arts weight–loss clinic, we also work closely with pre–and post–bariatric surgery patients to help them lose a certain number of pounds prior to surgery (often a prerequisite for some bariatric procedures), oversee their diet and nutrition following surgery, and help them maintain once they've achieved their goal.

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Does the Turner Medical Arts Weight–Loss Clinic Serve Bakersfield and Fresno?

The Turner Medical Arts weight loss clinic serves patients in Central California, including Bakersfield, Fresno, and the surrounding communities. The goal of our weight–loss clinic is to help you not only lose pounds but also keep them off by teaching you strategies for maintaining your success over time. Our medical weight–loss program is based on sound, evidence–driven principles: physical activity, balanced nutrition, behavior modification, and pharmacotherapy.

Although helping you lose pounds is our primary goal at our weight loss clinic, Duncan Turner MD also wants to help you improve your overall health and wellness—what he describes as practicing "fundamental medicine." This means using various clinically proven medical strategies to decrease inflammation, the primary cause of many life–threatening diseases, and increase your wellness. 

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Medical Weight Loss Options

Turner Medical Arts offers the following options at our medical weight–loss clinic. All diets plans include the following:

  • Weekly weigh–in
  • Body–fat analysis
  • Weekly nutritional shots
  • Vitamins and fish oil supplements
  • A personalized food plan

Although Dr. Turner may recommend one of the following diet plans, ultimately the choice is yours. He and the entire weight loss clinic staff will support you in your decision, every step of the way.

*Individual results may vary

Extreme Weight Loss Diet

Our Extreme Weight Loss Diet is a traditional diet, based on caloric restriction and appetite control. It involves reducing calories, increasing energy output, and boosting metabolism. Often, in the early stages of the Extreme Weight Loss Diet, Duncan Turner MD prescribes FDA–approved diet medications to assist in appetite control. For many people, achieving a healthy BMI requires using medication to interrupt the signals our body sends about hunger, cravings, and addictive behaviors. Once patients have reprogrammed those signaling mechanisms and developed healthier exercise patterns and eating habits, they generally no longer need the medication to maintain a healthy BMI.

*Individual results may vary

Duncan Turner MD Lifestyle Diet

Our most popular diet at the weight loss clinic, the Duncan Turner MD Lifestyle Diet is based generally on the 150–year–old Banting Diet, named after William Banting, the first person to successfully use this approach for losing weight. The basic principle behind the Turner MD Lifestyle Diet is the belief that we evolved over millions of years to eat a diet rich in animal protein, fat, and plants, largely because those were the most readily available food sources. Our bodies, therefore, use these food sources efficiently to function and prevent disease. The addition of carbohydrates to our diet has been a relatively recent phenomenon, which correlates with the rise in obesity levels, diabetes, and inflammation–based diseases.

Unlike the other popular low–carbohydrate, high–protein diets, the Duncan Turner MD Lifestyle Diet aims to decrease inflammation in the body, reduce BMI, and improve overall health and wellness. Because most patients on this diet do not feel constantly hungry or psychologically deprived of satisfying foods, Duncan Turner MD rarely needs to prescribe supplementary medications to suppress the appetite. Once patients adjust their eating habits to avoid certain foods, they generally feel satisfied and lose excess pounds without considerable effort.

*Individual results may vary

Detox and Wellness Program

At the Turner Medical Arts weight loss clinic, we also offer a Detox and Wellness Program for people who would like to kick–start their health and lose a few excess pounds. This two–week program begins with a bowel cleanse and includes an infrared sauna session every day for two weeks. Our weight loss clinic patients receive a personalized nutritional plan and recommendations for supplements to improve any nutritional deficiencies they may have.

Whether you choose the Extreme Weight–Loss Diet, the Duncan Turner MD Lifestyle Diet, or simply the Detoxification and Wellness Program to maintain a comfortable weight, Turner Medical Arts has an extensive history of immediate and long–term success, helping patients from the Santa Barbara area lose their extra pounds. Our Central California medical weight–loss clinic also serves Bakersfield, Fresno, and the surrounding communities.

*Individual results may vary

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