Labiaplasty Surgery

Turner Medical Arts offers labiaplasty, also known as labia reduction surgery, for Santa Barbara women who are unhappy with the appearance or function of their labia. Some women experience changes in this area as they age: the labia can become elongated, asymmetrical, or misshapen. Other, often younger women suffer from embarrassment or physical discomfort due to the labial irregularities they were born with. While the root cause might differ, the effects are often the same. Women feel self–conscious about how their labia look. In addition, if these differences are pronounced, they can interfere with hygiene, cause pain during intercourse and other activities, or prevent a woman from wearing form–fitting clothing. Fortunately, labiaplasty surgery can correct cosmetic or medically necessary irregularities of the labia, making them smaller, more symmetrical, and more comfortable.

If you are bothered by the appearance of your labia, or if they interfere with your daily life or sexual satisfaction, schedule a consultation with Duncan Turner MD to find out if labiaplasty might be right for you. Request your appointment by email, or phone Turner Medical Arts at (805) 962-1957.


At Turner Medical Arts, board–certified gynecologist Duncan Turner MD understands the extremely sensitive nature of this condition and recognizes the courage required to seek help. As a result, he and the entire staff at Turner Medical Arts make it a top priority to help patients feel comfortable during their initial consultation, surgery, and follow–up office visits. Duncan Turner MD specializes in labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation, and he has more than 35 years of experience performing leading–edge surgery in this highly specialized field. In addition to his technical expertise, he has an innate gift for helping patients feel at ease, even when talking about sensitive and potentially embarrassing topics. It's no wonder that thousands of women have trusted Duncan Turner MD and the entire staff of Turner Medical Arts to help them feel more comfortable, attractive, and self–assured.

Labia Reduction Surgery in Santa Barbara

Labiaplasty enhances the appearance of inner and/or outer labia (labia minora and labia majora) that are enlarged, elongated, or misshapen, and this procedure effectively repairs the labia following disease, injury, or childbirth. Labiaplasty can also remove excess skin around the clitoris to improve appearance and sensation.

Most labiaplasty procedures are performed under general anesthesia, and incisions are placed inconspicuously so that resulting scars are not noticeable. Patients can expect to return to work within two to three days, begin exercising after three or four weeks, and resume sexual activity after approximately six weeks.

Who's a Good Candidate for Labiaplasty?

Any woman whose labia cause discomfort or embarrassment is a good candidate for labiaplasty, but most women who request the surgery fall into one of two categories:
The first includes women who have a congenital irregularity, or one that has been present since birth or puberty. Often, this patient is younger and finds herself unable to participate fully in sports or recreation because of discomfort from overdeveloped or protruding labia minora. She may also refrain from wearing tight clothing or engaging in physical intimacy due to embarrassment over the appearance of her labia.

The second common labiaplasty candidate is either post–menopausal or has lost a significant amount of weight. Typically these women choose labia reduction surgery because they want to rejuvenate their labia majora, which have lost fullness and now hang or droop. Many women find that excessive labia not only look unattractive, but also can cause significant discomfort.

Combining Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation

Labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation are complementary procedures that can easily be completed in one surgery. Duncan Turner MD frequently performs this combined procedure, giving his patients excellent results. Many women appreciate having only one recovery period and one exposure to anesthesia.

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