Vaginal Reconstruction

Minimally invasive vaginal rejuvenation, also known as vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening, is a comprehensive surgical procedure designed to tighten and narrow a vagina that has become loose or stretched from childbirth or the natural aging process. Performed by Santa Barbara gynecologist Duncan Turner MD, this surgery repairs the vagina, its supporting muscles, the pelvic floor, and the perineum, giving most women a marked increase in sexual satisfaction and self–confidence.

Board–certified gynecologist Duncan Turner MD specializes in minimally invasive vaginal reconstruction and vaginal rejuvenation procedures, which he has been perfecting for more than 35 years. Considered by his colleagues as one of the foremost experts in this area, he has witnessed how important vaginal rejuvenation can be for many women who have lost hope of ever feeling normal again "down there." Thanks to thousands of satisfied patients, Duncan Turner MD has gained a reputation not just for surgical excellence, but also for his excellent bedside manner. He is committed to maintaining open communication, helping his patients feel at ease, and involving them in their own healthcare decisions.

If you suffer from discomfort or sexual dissatisfaction because of childbirth or aging, schedule a consultation for vaginal rejuvenation at Turner Medical Arts today. Request your appointment by email, or phone our downtown Santa Barbara office at (805) 962-1957.

What Are Vaginoplasty Benefits for Santa Barbara Patients?

Vaginoplasty improves function by removing excess tissue from the front and back wall of the vaginal canal. The underlying muscles are stitched together to add strength and to support the bladder and rectum. The vagina's opening and the perineum (the area between the vagina and anus) are also strengthened. The end result is a decrease in the overall diameter of the vagina, making it firmer and smaller than before surgery. A smaller opening to the vagina can lead to greater friction during intercourse, which often increases sensation and sexual satisfaction.

Typically, medical insurance covers vaginal reconstruction when it is performed for medically necessary reasons such as urinary incontinence and bladder or rectal prolapse. However, most insurance companies consider vaginal rejuvenation an elective procedure when it is performed for cosmetic reasons alone.

What to Expect from Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Vaginal rejuvenation is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. Depending on the extent of repair necessary, you will receive either general anesthesia or a combination of twilight anesthesia with an epidural or pudendal block. The procedure typically lasts one to three hours, and afterward you will be able to return home with a friend or loved one.

Recovery varies for each patient and is affected by the extent of the surgery and the overall health of the patient prior to the procedure. In general, patients can expect to experience swelling, bruising, and soreness for two weeks or more. Most can return to work and everyday activities after one week, light exercise after three weeks, and high–impact exercise and sexual intercourse after six to eight weeks. All patients receive prescriptions for pain medications and detailed pre–and post–surgical instructions prior to surgery.

Vaginoplasty Safety and Risks

Whatever your reason for wanting vaginal rejuvenation, you should schedule an appointment with a board–certified gynecologist to discuss your specific symptoms and available options. Duncan Turner MD has years of experience in this area, so he can help you determine if vaginoplasty is right for you. Whenever possible, he will also explain less–invasive alternatives that may help you improve your condition and alleviate your symptoms.

If you decide that vaginal rejuvenation is right for you, Duncan Turner MD will make sure that you fully understand all risks involved with the procedure and that you have realistic expectations about the final outcome. Your safety, surgical outcomes, and satisfaction are his primary concerns.

Combined Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty

If you are bothered by the appearance of your labia, or if they cause discomfort or embarrassment, remember to mention this during your initial consultation. Vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty are often performed together for an overall rejuvenation, with one surgery, one exposure to anesthesia, and one recovery period.

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