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Cosmetic Gynecology

Cosmetic Gynecology

Cosmetic Gynecology, or Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery (figs), is ranked as one of the quickest growing subspecialty for women. It includes procedures that are carried to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the vulva/vaginal region; and vaginal repairs or improve sexual function affected due to childbirth or aging. Urogynecologist, and plastic surgeons are referred to practice cosmetic gynecology.

Reasons For Cosmetic Gynecology:

  • To boost self-confidence.
  • Revival to the enjoyment of the sexual activity
  • To make the body look younger and aesthetically appealing to the eyes
  • One of its treatment is done to lessen the width of the vaginavagina
  • Overturn the effects of childbirth and aging
  • Disturb normal activities like exercise and wearing tight clothes


1) Hymenoplasty: To restore the appearance of the hymen. The hymen is a membrane that wraps the vagina opening. Hymen can be torn during women’s life for many reasons such as when you insert a tampon, exercise, or sexual intercourse. As hymen break down little bleeding can result. Usually, the hymen is restored as proof of virginity from a cultural and religious point of view. Sexual aggression also provokes women to seek hymenoplasty treatment. The surgery is carried in less than an hour with local anesthesia. Moreover, you can see the results immediately.

2) Labiaplasty: The demand for labiaplasty has increased since 2015 when the government started keeping track. The labia minora is the inner “lips” of the vulva. In labiaplasty, these inner lips are reshaped, as a woman desires to look more young and attractive. Abnormally elongated inner labia may make women self-conscious about their genitals’ outer appearance, ultimately emotional and psychological distress during sexual activity and when wearing a swimsuit or thong or tight-fitting yoga pants. It is recommended to take a break from work for at least one week to soothe and heal from labiaplasty. Furthermore, you should wear loose comfortable pants, do not insert a tampon for one month, and use a mini pad in case of minor bleeding.

3) Vaginoplasty: Vaginoplasty refers to decreasing the width of the vagina internally and externally. To increase sexual enjoyment for you and your partner, vaginoplasty is carried by replenishing the vagina to a less stretched and tight position, eventually improving friction. Sex itself and childbirth stretch the vagina over time, but sometimes the vagina losses its elasticity over time, especially after women give birth to many babies. To have sexual gratification women’s vaginas should be tightened like before.

4) Hoodectomy Or Clitoral Unhooding: This is the procedure in which we remove the tissue that normally drapes and conceals the clitoris. It is most commonly performed with labiaplasty, to help lessen extra folds in the clitoral hood, or prepuce. It is mainly conducted to diminish sexual sensitivity and discomfort during private situations. It gives esthetic enlightenment to the vagina by providing more exposure to clitoral glans.

5) Monsplasty: This procedure of female genital cosmetic surgery is formulated to reduce excess bulges of the mon. This extra skin and fat in the upper side of the vulva result in humiliation when wearing tight pants or bathing suits. Local anesthesia is used for some procedures. The risks of mentoplasty include hematoma, scarring, and infection. But with proper rest and giving up on physical activity for 2 to 6, you heal from it and enjoy personal satisfaction.

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