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Drug Rehab Centers In Manchester Nh

Live Free is one of the leading sober living and drug rehab centers in Manchester, NH, with fine amenities, highly experienced staff members, and other proven approaches to help patients attain sustainable sobriety. Our sober living home offers a spectacular view of the hilltop and surrounding mountains, providing recovering addicts with a safe, serene, and calming environment for healing and recovery.

Do I need rehab treatment again? 

You may need to go back to rehab, depending upon the severity of your substance abuse. The two determining indicators are the length of your drug/alcohol abuse and the intensity of your addiction problem. For a single slip, you probably do not a full-fledged rehab treatment. On the other hand, for a full relapse, it may be critical to go back to rehab.

If you had a minor slip that does not last for more than a day, it is essential to attend ongoing care programs, 12-step meetings, or outpatient therapy to make sure that you do not end up in full relapse. On the other hand, a full-fledged relapse is far more severe, and the recovering addicts must undergo residential treatment for 30 days or more to attain sobriety. If you are afraid of relapse after inpatient therapy, join a structured sober living home to strengthen your commitment to sobriety. We help recovering addicts returning from drug rehab centers in Manchester, NH, with a structured sober living home.  

How to manage temptations after rehab

While the transition from a supported environment to normal living can be challenging, there are ways to prevent and avoid the temptation of reverting to old habits. Avoid returning to your old neighborhood, and refrain from visiting your old friends, as it can trigger certain emotions that can tempt you to use drugs. Try to find a solid support system and surround yourself with family members or other sober people with your best interests at heart.

Find a support group near you and make sure to attend their meetings regularly. One of the best ways to maintain sobriety after rehab involves remaining at a sober living home for 3-6 months after rehab. You can use this time to get a job, find a new place to live, build a new social circle, etc.

Benefits of a sober living home

Sober living homes can help you transition to the “real world” one day at a time. Sober living homes strengthen your commitment to sobriety and help you reinforce the lessons learned in rehab.

It provides recovering addicts with a safe, supportive, stable, and trigger-free environment where they can focus on rebuilding their life. Sober living homes create accountability by conducting frequent group meetings and conducting random drug testing and helps recovering addicts maintain sustainable sobriety.

Get started on your journey towards recovery! Call 877.932.6757 for details on our sober living program. Live Free is one of the highly acclaimed sober living and drug rehab centers in Manchester, NH, and we solidify recovering addicts’ commitment to sobriety with our effective treatment approach.

Drug Rehab Centers In Manchester Nh

Live Free Recovery and Structured Sober Living


Drug Rehab Centers In Manchester Nh

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