Drug Rehabs That Accept Cigna Florida

Article provided by: SJRP Florida Addiction and Recovery Center

Drug Rehabs That Accept Cigna Florida

If you’re battling drug or alcohol addiction, treatment from one of the top drug rehabs that accept Cigna in Florida can change and save your life. Substance abuse is a dangerous disease, and every alcohol or drug addiction is different. As such, each individual’s treatment plan should be unique to suit their specific needs.

At SJRP, you will be treated with the compassion, care, and respect you deserve. We provide second to none medically assisted detox to help you get off alcohol or drugs and inpatient treatment to assist you to remain sober. Further, our team of friendly and highly experienced clinicians, therapists, and other specialists will develop a customized treatment plan specific to your goals and needs.

FAQs About Our Cigna Coverage Addiction Treatment

The following are questions clients ask about our Cigna coverage addiction treatment that we would also like you to know.

Does My Cigna Policy Cover Addiction Treatment?

As per ACA (Affordable Care Act), Cigna offers coverage for drug and alcohol addiction rehab. However, Cigna insurance for addiction treatment requires pre-approval in any facility. Cigna provides some level of coverage for substance abuse treatment with the majority of their policies. Your coverage will depend on the plan you’re currently under.

Insurance coverage from Cigna comes in a wide range of policies, which differ depending on your resident state. For instance, if you’re in California, you can choose any of the following policies: platinum, gold, silver, or bronze. Usually, the bronze plan has the highest deductible and the least monthly premiums. In comparison, platinum plans have higher monthly premiums and the lowest deductibles.

Can I Use My Cigna Health Insurance in Your Rehab Facility?

You can utilize your Cigna benefits at our treatment facility. For years we have helped people battling alcohol or drug addictions regain sobriety and rebuild their lives in greater health. You, too, can benefit from our holistic, superior quality treatment. As one of the finest rehabs that accept Cigna insurance, all you need to do is contact us, and we will verify which of our programs are covered by your insurance plan.

Will You Review My Cigna Policy?

Working out your insurance coverage can be overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be an obstacle in your recovery. Luckily, you do not need to figure it out on your own as one of the leading Cigna treatment centers in Florida, part of our admissions process involves gathering your health insurance information. Our team will work with a Cigna representative to determine the type of treatments covered under your policy. The review will determine:

  • The length of time that is covered.
  • What level of care is covered, for example, medical detox, inpatient and outpatient treatment for substance abuse.
  • The treatment programs you qualify to get funding for.

There’s Hope and Help

Substance abuse can damage your health, livelihood, and relationships. As one of the premier drug rehabs that accept Cigna in Florida, we can help you understand as well as break the cycle of abuse. Our compassionate care combined with second to none holistic treatment modalities will be tailored to your unique needs for the best outcome. Contact SJRP to speak with an addiction treatment specialist right now: 1-833-EZ-REHAB.

Drug Rehabs That Accept Cigna Florida

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Drug Rehabs That Accept Cigna Florida

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