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Drug Treatment Centers In California

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Drug Treatment Centers In California

To overcome your substance addiction safely and effectively, you need to consider coming to our drug treatment centers in California asap. The Heavenly Center will help you build the foundation to long-lasting sobriety in a supportive and conducive environment.

Why our rehab treatment is unique

There are several aspects that make our rehab treatment protocol unique in the industry. These include:

  • The Cannabis-Assisted Treatment – While we don’t promote the use of cannabis or offer it at our center, we do support and assist patients who have a medical cannabis card for specific disorders and conditions. We have a plant licensed cannabis specialist on-site available for assistance and guidance whenever necessary during the treatment. The expert will assess your condition prior to treatment to see if you qualify for our treatment protocol. If you do, the clinician will recommend specific cannabis strains as required by your condition and perform regular check-ups to make sure you progress in the right direction.
  • Structured and multidimensional treatment – We steer away from conventional rehab approaches that only revolve around medication and psychotherapy to counter the addiction’s effects. Instead, we rely on a more reliable recovery protocol using multiple modalities and procedures from various disciplines. This is the foundation of our holistic system, promoting long-lasting sobriety and a complete lifestyle overhaul.
  • Holistic rehabilitation – Holistic recovery supports the idea of patient-oriented, whole-body recovery. The modalities we’re using provide physical rejuvenation, mental clarity and rebalancing, and spiritual enlightenment in one all-encompassing healing experience.
  • Mixing conventional approaches with modern modalities – Our drug treatment centers in California rely on a unique recovery approach that brings together recovery procedures from multiple fields, both conventional and new and innovative. These include Bio Feedback, Reiki, psychotherapy, massage therapies, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, aromatherapy, etc. We also have a studio promoting creativity, and supportive patients with an artistic spirit find their call or simply indulge their creative passions.

What happens on a typical day in rehab?

Every day in rehab is a unique experience, varying from case to case. This is due to our treatment protocol, allowing patients to personalize their rehabilitation experience, making us one of the few centers that allow patients to have a saying in the clinical process. The day begins with a delicious and nutritious breakfast, followed by individual and group therapy, depending on the situation. After that, the treatment procedures you might participate in include acupuncture, massage sessions, Reiki healing, fitness routines, music therapy, Tower Garden, etc.

The sky is the limit when personalizing your recovery treatment, allowing you to have a unique experience, providing you with special skills, memories, and abilities. If you wish to gain additional insight into our drug treatment centers in California, we advise you to call our team today.

At The Heavenly Center, we help people combat addiction and co-occurring disorders by undergoing a personalized recovery program in a safe and comfortable setting. Call 855-9THCNOW, speak to one of our rehab clinicians, and come in for intake and treatment! This is the chance you’ve been waiting for.

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