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Dysport Injection

Dysport Injection

In today’s world, there are several skin treatment procedures out there. Cosmetic science provided these options to alter the skin aging process and add the needed youthful vibrancy to the facial features. It goes without saying that Botox and Dysport injection are the two leading methods. 

These two options are similar non-invasive procedures, and they assist in treating wrinkles and age lines in adults. Despite their similarities, they both have underlying differences that set them apart. The key to making the right treatment decision is understanding how they work and knowing what result you’re after. 

Once that is out of the way, you can trust us to give your skin the much-needed revamp. With the finest clinical personnel, we offer the very best services. So, take a look at the similarities and differences between the Dysport and Botox treatments and find out what best suits you! 

Botox vs. Dysport Injection: Similarities 

Though there are new Botox and Dysport injection techniques, the procedures share heavy similarities that make it hard to tell the difference. Both methods are non-surgical, and they work to relax underlying muscles and reduce any form of contact. This reduces wrinkles and gives the skin a smoother look. 

The procedures also take little time, perhaps just a few minutes, which makes them very convenient. Another similarity is that the results are temporary. They last only a couple of months, and this mostly causes patients to go back to their doctors for periodic injections. 

They can also be used to treat neurological disorders and varying medical conditions. They are both obtained from botulinum toxins. However, the active ingredient in Dysport injection is Abobotulinum toxin A, while it’s Onabotulinum Toxin A in Botox injection. 

Botox vs. Dysport Injection: Differences 

There are some differences between Dysport and Botox injection that set them apart. Some of them include:

  • Treatment Area: Dysport may be able to spread out better if treating an area like the forehead. This is because it has a higher level of diffusion. Botox, on the other hand, works better with small areas such as around the eyes. 
  • Concentration: The two injections have different levels of concentration. Dysport has a more diluted form, and this causes you to need more treatments. This, however, doesn’t undermine its effectiveness. 
  • Cost: Dysport is generally less expensive than Botox. However, since more amounts of Dysport doses are needed, they eventually equate to a considerable extent. 
  • Duration: Dysport naturally works quicker than Botox. It usually takes nothing more than 24 hours to get results, while Botox takes close to 72 hours. 


In conclusion, it’s best to do a little research before settling on the best procedure. You can start by getting more information about Botox and Dysport uses and doses which works better for your skin. Also, it’s important to seek advice from your doctor. 

Once these steps are taken, you can knock right on our door as we boast of the best Botox and Dysport injection treatment in town. If you’re still in doubt, you just have to give us a try! Contact Skybalance Med Spa to schedule your first appointment and ask about our special: 847-895-8180


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