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Englewood Vaginal Tightening

Article provided by: Aguirre Specialty Care

Four Natural Englewood Vaginal Tightening Methods

Hormonal changes, childbirth, and age are some of the factors that can contribute to looseness in the female genitalia. Such looseness can lead to a reduction in sensation during intercourse and loss of self-confidence. In order to restructure and tighten the vaginal canal, vaginal tightening procedure are employed.

Vaginal tightening and rejuvenation are fast becoming one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery. The procedure is aimed at restoring the vagina back to a younger tighter state. A tighter vagina allows for a better sexual experience for both the woman and her partner. It makes intercourse more enjoyable.

Several women are faced with this issue but they shy away from help due to societal pressure, self-consciousness and lack of knowledge about treatment options available. There are several treatment options that can help restore the vagina back to its natural state. Below are four natural Englewood vaginal tightening methods to restore tightness to the vagina;

1) Nutrition:

Nutritional intervention is one of most effective Englewood vaginal tightening natural ways to restore tightness to the vagina. A good diet will help to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Foods that are naturally high in estrogens such as carrot, yarns, wheat berries and soybeans can be effective. Also, wholegrain organic carbs and organic lean animal protein can equally go a long way to improve the health of your pelvic muscle.

2) Kegel exercise:

Kegel Exercise is one of the most effective and well proven Englewood vaginal tightening solution to the problem of vaginal looseness. Kegel exercises are easy to perform and they present awesome results. To begin, you have to locate the right muscles to work on. This can be identified by impeding urination midstream.

The muscle used to achieve that is your pelvic floor muscle. It is this muscle that determines vaginal tightness or looseness.

To perform Kegel, you need to empty your bladder and lie on your back. Now, squeeze your pelvic muscles, the same way as you would impede urination. Hold it for a few seconds and then release. Do this for 10-15 minutes daily. For better result, focus specifically on the pelvic muscles, avoid clenching the abdomen, butt or thighs.

3) Yoga:

Yoga is another effective natural remedy for vaginal looseness. Yoga can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Some of the most effective yoga pose for tightening of pelvic muscles includes Bridge Pose, Child Pose etc. Repeating these poses several times each day can get you a naturally tighter vagina.

4) Vaginal cones:

Using vaginal cones is another very effective natural Englewood vaginal tightening method to achieve vaginal tightness. Vaginal cones come in different weight attached to them. For maximum result, the exercise is to be performed twice each day, fifteen minutes for each session.

To use a vaginal cone, slide in the lightest cone that you can easily hold as you would a tampon. The string will remain outside. Try standing. While standing, squeeze your pelvic muscle to hold the weight for 3-4minutes. If you can comfortably stand with the weight inside you, try squatting or sitting. Increase the time you use the weight until you can hold it in for fifteen minutes twice each day. Then, you move on to the next heavier weight, repeating the procedure.


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