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Breast Lift & Implant Removal Santa Barbara CA

Dr. Giuffrida specializes in breast lift and implant removal surgery to help restructure your breasts and get them to a natural position.

A botched breast implant procedure can not only impact one’s appearance but cause immense discomfort and long term complications as well. The unfortunate thing about breast implant procedures is that many surgeons lack the skill necessary to provide patients with natural-looking results. Dr. Giuffrida specializes in breast lift and implant removal surgery to help restructure your breasts and get them to a natural position. His skill and precision in preventing disfigurement can help you move on and regain your perfect breast shape.


Breast Lift and Implant Removal Services Santa Barbara CA

At Turner Medical Arts, Dr. Giuffrida is here to provide the people of Santa Barbara with an effective breast lift and implant removal procedures. In addition, he also provides breast reduction surgery as well, decreasing natural breast size while still maintaining volume and overall appearance. All of these surgeries are performed with the care and attention of a skilled medical professional. If your breasts have lost firmness due to implant removal, leaving you with sagging, excess skin, we have the surgical solutions you seek. 

Breast Lift and Implant Removal Procedures

Implant Removal

Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Giuffrida uses a number of surgical techniques to enhance the appearance of your breasts. A typical implant removal surgery begins by the careful extraction of the implants without damage to surrounding tissue. 

Breast Augmentation

Following the implant removal, Dr. Giuffrida can augment your breasts using fat transfer techniques. Fat transfers involve the removal of unwanted fat from your flanks or abdomen and reinjection into your breasts. This provides added volume while retaining the breasts’ natural look and feel.

Breast Lift

For some women, sagging breast tissue can interfere with the overall appearance and contours of the breasts. In this case, Dr. Giuffrida can perform a breast lift operation. This procedure involves the removal of excess skin and the repositioning of the breasts higher up on the chest. When performed correctly, this procedure can deliver natural-looking results.

Close-up on a woman's breasts in a bikini top

What to Expect Post-Surgery

Most breast lift and implant removal procedures are performed as outpatient surgeries under general anesthesia. This means that you can return home after your surgery. However, some nausea, pain, and muscle cramping can be experienced following the procedure. For this reason, it is important to follow Dr. Giuffrida’s recommendations after surgery to minimize discomfort and maximize healing. Once your body is fully healed, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the shape and feel of your breasts.

Before and After Photos

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Breast Lift and Implant Removal in Santa Barbara, California

If you are interested in breast implant removal, breast augmentation, or breast lift surgery, we invite you to visit Turner Medical Arts. Our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Giuffrida, is here to cater to your needs and will do everything he can to provide you with the results you seek. Request an appointment today by calling (805) 962-1957 or filling out the form below. We look forward to seeing you!

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