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Ear Surgery

At Turner Medical Arts, we are happy to perform ear surgery on those struggling with torn earlobes or aesthetic concerns.

Ear surgery is a common procedure that is often recommended for people struggling with damaged earlobes due to gauging or injuries. This quick procedure works via the removal of skin and scar tissue around the earlobe and the promotion of healthy regeneration. The leftover area of healthy ear tissue is pieced together with precision to promote the body to heal without a hole. Our surgeons at Turner Medical Arts can provide you with both reparative and cosmetic surgery to give you the ears you want.


When Is Ear Surgery Necessary?

Torn earlobes can occur in a number of ways. Common causes of tearing include lacerations, tears, bites, and other forceful motions. Due to their elasticity and vascularity, ears can typically allow for stretching well beyond standard size. However, some people make the mistake of stretching their earlobes farther than 8mm and enter what is known as “the point of no return.” Past this length, earlobes lose the ability to shrink back to regular size. When stretched so far, tears become more likely to occur and ear surgery becomes necessary. If left unaddressed, a torn earlobe can result in a serious infection. If you’re interested in improving the look of your ears or repairing any damage from tearing, we invite you to visit our Santa Barbara medical center.

Earlobe Repair

At Turner Medical Arts, we are happy to perform ear surgery on those struggling with torn earlobes or aesthetic concerns. Most of our earlobe repair and adjustment surgeries take less than an hour to complete. These procedures involve an examination of the size and elasticity of your earlobes as well as other areas of focus. After getting a thorough assessment of your needs and appearance, we begin via the application of a local anesthetic. This prevents discomfort and pain during surgery. The surgery itself involves making several incisions and then suturing the earlobe skin back to return it to normal size.

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Ear Surgery Results

After your ear surgery is complete,  it may take up to three months for scarring to completely heal. Thankfully, the surgery requires no downtime and no medication is needed afterward. Some aches and pain may be experienced, but they should be mild. As with any surgical procedure, ear surgery does carry some risks of infection. Additionally, bleeding and sensitivity may also occur after your treatment. When you make an appointment at our center, we will take the time to discuss both the surgery and the post-surgery care with you.

Ear Surgery in Santa Barbara, California

Ear surgery is a simple procedure that can be done quickly and easily. Our dedicated surgeons at Turner Medical Arts are happy to provide you with the medical treatment and postoperative care you deserve. Make an appointment at our Santa Barbara center today by calling (805) 962-1957 or submitting your information via the form below. We look forward to meeting you!

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