Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

We often can’t choose how our body fat is distributed. While diet and exercise can help address stubborn fat, sometimes we need additional measures to reach our goals. Here at Turner Medical Arts, Dr. Polynice performs fat transfer procedures which can remove fat from stubborn areas and infuse it in areas where it is needed. Get in touch with our Santa Barbara office to learn more.


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What Is a Fat Transfer?

A fat transfer procedure (also known as fat grafting) transfers fat from areas where you have excess fat and injects it into areas that lack volume. Common areas of fat extraction include the outer thighs, stomach, and hips. This fat can be injected into your face, hands, breasts, or buttocks.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

The process is done using a liposuction technique. During the liposuction, small incisions are made, and fluid is injected into your body. This fluid anesthetizes the area and breaks up fat cells. Afterward, a small cannula is inserted to suction out the fat. After the fat has been extracted, it can be transferred to another area, such as the breasts, for the purpose of augmentation.

Benefits of a Fat Transfer Procedure

The biggest benefit of a fat transfer is that it relies on your body’s fat instead of an outside additive. You can slim a specific area and augment/shape another area of your choosing. Women who have undergone this procedure to augment their breasts have reported that the breast retains some sensation and feels soft, like natural.

Schedule Fat Transfer Surgery in Santa Barbara, California

Stubborn fat can now be used through a fat transfer procedure. This operation is done here at Turner Medical Arts with the aim of giving you the look you’ve been dreaming of. To request an appointment, simply call (805) 962-1957 or fill out the form below. We’re looking forward to your visit!

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