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When the skin around your neck starts losing its elasticity, the wrinkles and sags can make you look older than you are. At Turner Medical Arts in Santa Barbara, California, board-certified plastic surgeon, Michael Giuffrida, MD, uses advanced surgical techniques to create a younger-looking, firmer neck. He also offers innovative liposuction technology to eliminate unwanted fat along your jaw and neckline, creating a more youthful appearance. Schedule a neck lift consultation at Turner Medical Arts today using the online booking system or by calling the office.

Neck Lift Q & A

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that removes unwanted fat and excess skin around your jawline to give your neck a more youthful appearance.

At Turner Medical Arts, Dr. Giuffrida performs a neck lift as an individual procedure or in combination with other cosmetic surgery, such as a face lift.

What happens during a neck lift?

In many cases, you can expect to receive light sedation and a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable and pain-free.

Dr. Giuffrida uses liposuction technology to eliminate unwanted fat around the neck and jawline. This fat removal only requires small incisions under the chin and behind your ears to prevent noticeable scars.

If you have loose skin around your neck area, Dr. Giuffrida removes it and pulls the skin tighter to remove wrinkles and sags along your jaw and neckline. This results in younger-looking, smoother neck skin.

For both the liposuction and skin removal procedures, Dr. Giuffrida follows a customized surgical plan that addresses your specific needs and expectations, as well as your unique facial structure and overall appearance.

How long does recovery from a neck lift take?

Everyone heals differently, but typically it takes several weeks for noticeable swelling and bruising to resolve.

Immediately after a neck lift, you wear a compression garment to minimize swelling. Dr. Giuffrida also provides other instructions to ensure your incisions heal properly. You may have limitations in your activities for a period of time to prevent bending or twisting of your neck as it heals.

As your bruising and swelling subside, the results of your neck lift become more apparent. The skin is tighter and smoother, and liposuction ensures your neck is slimmer and nicely contoured.

While Dr. Giuffrida specializes in techniques to minimize scarring, it can take up to six months for your incisions to fade. You can enjoy your results of a slimmer, smoother neck for many years with a good skin care routine, a healthy diet, and regular exercise.

To find out if a neck lift is right for you, call Turner Medical Arts today or request a consultation with Dr. Giuffrida online now.