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Numerous procedures at Santa Barbara's Turner Medical Arts address the appearance and functionality of the vaginal area. Dr. Turner often combines procedures by tightening and narrowing a vagina that has become loose or stretched from childbirth or aging and improving the desired look or function of labia that droop or are overdeveloped, asymmetrical or otherwise misshapen. *Individual results may vary

Vaginal Rejuvenation

It can be confusing. What do all the names of the procedures mean? Unfortunately, there is no consensus among the surgeons so I will try to clarify for you.

It might be more clear to describe treatments of symptoms rather than give the procedure name so let’s talk about some of the common concerns patients have and seek to resolve.

Concerns about FUNCTION

Patients present with one or more of the following problems. The vagina is too tight or too loose. There is pain or there is a loss of sensation such as diminished sexual satisfaction and difficulty achieving orgasm. There are urinary symptoms, urgency, frequency, having to get up at night or incontinence. Recurrent vaginal or urinary tract infections. Bleeding problems. Pressure. Bulging. And others.

Concerns about FORM

This refers to the appearance of the genitalia.

Examples are the labia are too large, too pigmented, too asymmetrical or a combination of these.

Non-surgical options

The MonaLisa Touch LASER is FDA approved for treatment of vaginal dryness and pain with intercourse but does more than treat just those symptoms as it can improve sexual satisfaction, make orgasms easier to achieve and help with urinary symptoms.

Thermiva and Genevieve by Viveve are radiofrequency applications  for tissue tightening enhancing sexual satisfaction, resolving urinary symptoms and improving the appearance of the structures. It is often used in combination with the Oshot giving an even more profound effect.

The Vampire Wing Lift is a non-surgical option utilizing hyaluronic acid and Platelet Rich Plasma for treatment of the labia majora.

Hormones, particularly Estrogen, DHEA and Testosterone applications can be crucial in conjunction with these treatments also.

Surgical options

This surgery to either the labia minora (the inner lips) or the labia majora (the outer lips) is to improve the appearance or to decrease discomfort with exercise and other activities.

Surgery often including liposuction to treat bulging or drooping of the area over the pubic bone. Thermiva and Genevieve can be helpful for mild cases.

Vaginal Reconstruction

This is where it can be even more confusing as many terms can be used. Basically, this is a surgical repair to the pelvic floor structures to treat a variety of symptoms ranging from decreased sexual satisfaction, bulging, urinary incontinence and prolapse. It involves repair of any damage to the muscles and fascial support tissues of the vagina, the bladder, the rectum and the support of the uterus. A commonly performed example is a Vaginoplasty which strengthens the posterior (back) wall of the vagina, tightening the vagina, improving sexual sensation for both patient and partner and supporting the rectum. Another frequently requested procedure is a Perineoplasty also called a Perineorrhaphy, which is tightening the vaginal opening that has become necessary because of damage during childbirth. Often this is performed at the same time as a Vaginoplasty

Ultimate Vaginal Rejuvenation

At Turner Medical Arts we offer a customized Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment plan that is functional and aesthetic. Patients are seen more than once and are assessed and counseled on their ultimate needs and outcomes, then an appropriate treatment plan will be customized for the patient and can include any of the previously mentioned procedures.

All of these treatments are available at Turner Medical Arts and the perfect treatment for each individual can be determined through consultation

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