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Testosterone Therapy Santa Barbara

Testosterone Therapy Santa Barbara

Testosterone is a hormone that has been known to do a lot for men than just enhance sex drive. It also affects several other factors, including the red blood cell count, body fat, bone density, muscle mass, and mood. If your blood test shows that your testosterone levels are far below normal, your physician may suggest testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). However, as testosterone therapy sounds promising, there are a lot of misunderstandings about the treatment. Here are the things you need to know about Santa Barbara testosterone replacement.

Misconceptions about Testosterone Therapy

One of the most common questions people ask about TRT is whether there is a cutoff age. This is just one of the many misconceptions around TRT, and there is no cutoff age. Also, some misunderstanding involves findings that seemed to show the possible side effects of testosterone replacement therapy, like the increased risk of cardiovascular problems. However, it has been shown that most of these rumors come from the cases of abuse. 

Furthermore, the danger of testosterone therapy has been linked to medical professionals who aren’t specialized in TRT doing the procedure without determining if your testosterone levels are low. For men whose testosterone levels are strangely low, responsible testosterone replacement therapy can really help. 

When to Seek Testosterone Therapy

Oftentimes, the signs that drive people to consider this treatment include depression, erectile dysfunction, and decreased libido. Some people believe they need erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, but a blood test may show low testosterone levels. Moreover, some people think that hormone replacement will solve their sexual problems and mood, but they may have some underlying psychological problems that need to be addressed first. 

Reputable and reliable Santa Barbara low testosterone doctors such as Turner Medical Arts will ask questions and carefully listen to your answers. While you may require testosterone therapy, you may also have depression that have nothing or little to do with your levels of hormones.

What Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy Do for You?

This provides a life-changing solution to those suffering from low testosterone. It can work to improve your sex drive, restore your energy levels, build up muscle mass and help you lose weight. Several studies have also shown that testosterone replacement therapy can also help improve sleep and help enhance symptoms of depression.

While testosterone replacement therapy does provide many great benefits, those considering it should consider the risks involved before embarking upon the treatment. Some of the risks of TRT include oily skin and acne, larger breasts, increase risk of blood clots, and bigger breasts. 

Choosing a Testosterone Treatment Center in Santa Barbara

Turner Medical Arts is committed to providing safe and effective testosterone therapy Santa Barbara. Our Urologist doctors in Santa Barbara are striving to help make your health a priority. We create an individualized plan for each patient based on their comfort level, goals, and hormone levels. 

We also take pride in several years of experience in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and other wellness treatments. For more information about  Testosterone Therapy Santa Barbara, contact Turner Medical Arts to get the best care that you can count on: (805) 962-1957.


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