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Labiaplasty Santa Barbara

Turner Medical Arts is a leading treatment center for labiaplasty in Santa Barbara with an experienced team of surgeons and compassionate RNs. Our doctors can understand your unique treatment needs and help you enjoy enhanced pleasure and better sexual confidence with our labiaplasty procedure. Here are some of the benefits of labiaplasty:

1. Improved vaginal aesthetics

Age is never kind to anyone, especially women, causing them to experience an array of body-related insecurities. Aging can cause the inner vaginal lips to sag, and the labiaplasty procedure targets the darkly pigmented and low-hanging tissues of the vaginal lips and removes them. By doing so, labiaplasty can leave you with a smoother and lighter-toned mucosa. You may undergo labiaplasty to remove nominal amounts of tissues from the over-sized labia majora. We also remove the excess skin around the clitoral hood and provide patients with a small, neat-looking, and more visually-appealing vagina. Our plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara, CA, is an expert in cosmetic labiaplasty and has helped numerous women improve their confidence and sex life along the way.

2. Improved comfort

Women with over-sized inner and outer vaginal lips often find it uncomfortable to wear specific clothes, like fitted jeans, tight-fitting undergarments, swimsuits, etc. Tight-fitting clothes can place excess pressure on the vulva, resulting in rashes, infections, pain, and abrasions. By reducing the vaginal lips to an optimal size, our Santa Barbara labiaplasty surgeons can alleviate these issues, improving your comfort when wearing your favorite clothes. 

3. Improve sexual confidence

Our Labiaplasty doctors in Santa Barbara can streamline your vaginal features, making you feel more comfortable and confident about your body. Women that have undergone multiple childbirths can benefit considerably through this procedure as they no longer have to deal with stretched or elongated vaginal lips.

4. Enhanced pleasure

Undergoing labiaplasty under the guidance of our experienced plastic surgery doctors in Santa Barbara can help you eliminate the excess and unnecessary vaginal tissues, enhancing your ability to experience sexual pleasure significantly. Our Labiaplasty specialist has administered labiaplasties along with clitoral hood reductions, which has helped numerous women explore new realms of orgasm during sex. A labiaplasty procedure can spruce up your sex life with your partner and strengthen your relationship.

5. Improved hygiene

Women with enlarged labia due to childbirth, aging, or genetics may face difficulties during physical activity and exercise. An over-sized labia can also compromise your hygiene, lead to frequent episodes of urinary tract infections and decreased sexual activity. It can negatively affect your overall quality of life and take its toll on your mental health over time. Labiaplasty can also improve your hygiene, and safeguard you from potential vaginal and urinary infections.

Call Turner Medical Arts at (805) 962-1957 to schedule a consultation with one of our plastic/cosmetic surgeons. As a top women’s health clinic for labiaplasty in Santa Barbara, we enjoy hundreds of positive reviews from past clients and use advanced treatments and technology to help patients attain their aesthetic goals. Get in touch with us today to overcome your body-related insecurities.

Labiaplasty Santa Barbara

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