A New Society

A New Society

I am a 73 year-old-woman who gave up all sexual activity ten years ago due to overwhelming pain during intercourse. Last year even a routine pelvic exam was painful. The examining doctor explained that my vaginal tissue was “necrotic.” While I have striven to keep my life meaningful and enjoyable, any romance has been limited to dinner, movies, theater, and regret.  I first heard of MonaLisa Touch from a fairly vague television commercial. A lovely, relatively young woman laments in the commercial that she no longer enjoys sexual intimacy due to “discomfort.” Then MonaLisa Touch is mentioned as a solution. Even though I doubted the possibility that any procedure could prove effective for me at my advanced age, I ran some searches on the Internet, researched the process as much as possible, and serendipitously connected with Dr. Duncan Turner of Santa Barbara. 

Although because of my age, I was braced for diplomatic discouragement at my initial appointment, Dr. Turner didn’t bat an eye. He is extremely professional, very easy to talk to, and justifiably enthusiastic about the MonaLisa Touch. My layman’s explanation of the process may not be precisely correct, but my understanding is that the process involves three painless laser treatments that stripe the interior of the vagina allowing brand new viable tissue to form, replacing what for me was “necrotic.” The three treatments are administered about a month apart with sexual intercourse being discouraged for at least a week after each treatment. 

The treatments have indeed been painless, and for me, miraculously effective from the very first treatment. Dr. Turner prescribes a vaginal estrogen creme as the “perfect cocktail” to accompany the MonaLisa Touch. To call my results miraculous is not hyperbole. My vaginal tissue has gone from having been diagnosed as necrotic to being flexible, elastic, and blessedly moist. I do not use or need a lubricant. 

While Viagra made headlines at its development, I’m amazed that this procedure for women is not receiving similar exposure. ABC News mentioned it and I read one article in a magazine. My “Boomer” generation has never existed before. We are creating a new society. Get ready. MonaLisa Touch and Dr. Turner will be great contributors!

-Blithe Spirit, a patient of Dr. Turner’s and Turner Medical Arts

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