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Susan S.

Turner Medical Arts is a very special place. The Staff is wonderful and helpful in every way. The nurse Practitioner is professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk with. Tracy is the best and takes care of any matters that I have questions about. I am glad to see her every year.

Dr. Turner addresses the whole spectrum of women’s health and goes above and beyond in caring for his patients–new technologies, innovative procedures and a command of women’s needs with HRT (bio identical hormones) and addressing any and all issues that women have. We are all fortunate to have him. I have been a patient of Dr. Turner for more than 35 years and highly recommend Turner Medical Arts.

Jamie R.

Turning 50 and premenopausal are hard facts to swallow; however, Dr. Giuffrida turned back my time clock shaving off years as he gave me back my youthful curves! Feeling fantastic with my hourglass! Now, who doesn’t want to raise a glass to that? Cheers Dr. G!


I am beyond elated with my results. Dr. Giuffrida is knowledgeable, attentive, and caring. He is truly a gifted and master-skilled surgeon and I have complete trust and confidence in him. I would highly recommend him.

Laila H.

I love Dr. Giuffrida. He is very attentive and has amazing technique. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He’s the best.

Maria T.

I have had 5 different plastic surgery procedures with Dr. Giuffrida & “WOW” what a positive life-changing result that exceeded all my expectations! If you are searching for an extremely gifted & skilled professional who focuses on perfection – search no further – Giuffrida’s purpose is to provide for you just that “a positive life-changing experience.” Thank you, Dr. Giuffrida.

Shannon A.

Dr. Giuffrida does excellent work. He has a warm bedside manner and is extremely skilled. I highly recommend him!

Ikiesha H.

Dr. G is by far the best; he is a world-renowned surgeon who does phenomenal work his staff is knowledgeable and friendly and my outpatient experience has been great looking forward to more future work.

Iman H.

Dr. G is the best! I have been to Dr. Giuffrida (Dr. G, as I call him- with great fondness) for two procedures and I trust him 500%. He does flawless work and is very kind, attentive and knowledgeable. A consultation with him immediately puts you at ease and reassures you that you will be in good, competent hands. Post-procedure, Dr. G was in constant communication with me and was available anytime I called or texted with post-surgery questions. I highly recommend Dr. Giuffrida if you are looking to make a beautiful change in your appearance, lifestyle, and outlook on life!

Sherri A.

I just love love love Dr. Giuffrida!! I went to see him about a year after my tummy tuck for some laser lipo to my posterior flanks. He was so friendly and caring..before during and after the procedure. He even showed me a spot (my hips) that actually need some lipo also. There was no pain during the procedure, he is very gentle and let me know each step. I would definitely recommend Dr. Giuffrida and have two more friends going to him soon!!!

Alice L.

I had a serious hormone imbalance that was making me sicker and sicker and also turning me into a crazy lady. I saw many doctors over the course of two years but since they were uneducated about bioidentical hormones, they would not prescribe them to me. I began to indulge in some despair and was by then, bedridden. Then I met Dr. Duncan Turner and he did quite literally save my life. He is a brilliant doctor and he is so knowledgeable about bio-identical hormone treatment. He has a wonderfully calm, measured approach backed up by sound scientific data. Also, he possesses real empathy. You couldn’t ask for more from a doctor and my life has surely changed since he began treating me. I am out of bed now and actually feeling like a person again– for the first time in two years! P.s. Dr. Turner’s support staff are also outstanding professionals. I have had the pleasure of being cared for by Sarah Keller Brasel (Office Manager/Patient Care Coordinator) and Tracy Whitecotton (MA and Thermographer) and they are extremely capable, warm, and nurturing. I always look forward to my appointments there. Thank you to Dr. Turner and the entire Turner Medical Arts team!!

Denise V.

I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Turner within one day of my call. I feel like he takes the time to listen to me and review my records thoroughly and I never feel rushed during my appointments. Office staff is also very friendly and professional.

Alexandra M.

Very satisfied with my first visit. Dr. Turner took a lot of time to explain everything and was very relatable. Highly recommended.

Bonnie M.

Although I am a post-menopausal woman with age-related gynecological symptoms, I also had serious scarring and stenosis due to two rounds of pelvic radiation. My vaginal tissue was so damaged that I was told that a surgical repair was not an option. Oncologists offered no options, so I called Dr. Turner’s office for a consultation, hoping that his vaginal rejuvenation procedure might provide some relief. He was patient, thoughtful and generous with his time. He did a thorough consultation with the physician who developed the equipment used in the rejuvenation process and agreed to apply this process to my case. The results have been remarkable–better than prior to my radiation treatments. This has been a physical and emotional salvation when I was given no hope. Dr. Turner and his staff are professional and caring and provided me a wonderful solution. I hope more candidates–both post-menopausal and cancer patients, are encouraged to have this simple, painless, yet successful procedure.

Jennifer M.

I was truly impressed and pleased with the care and treatment I received from Dr. Turner and everyone at Turner medical arts. I highly recommend Dr. Turner, his staff and the O-shot procedure to women who are suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Jan C.

Excellent as always!

Chandra C.

I experienced excellent interactions and care with everyone in the office and the highest quality medical services.

Erin N.

Incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and easy to talk to!

Kari E.

Had a great first meeting! Staff was friendly and Dr. Turner was wonderful!

C. R.

I don’t know where to begin with how pleased I am with the skilled work of Dr. Turner. Without writing a novel (because believe me, my satisfactory can fill up a phonebook), the most important note here is that I finally feel amazing about myself again! Actually I feel better than I ever have. After delivering a child through my vagina, I was left to deal with the aftermath of the trauma and damage. Embarrassed can hardly describe the way I used to feel. After my surgical procedures, I have regained total confidence and the sparkle in my eye about myself. At first, I was beyond skeptical but I put my faith into Dr. Turner and after it all, I am extremely happy that I did!!! Everything from my consultation, office visits with staff, procedure, and end result has been 100% satisfactory. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Turner to everyone I know who could benefit from his services. I feel like magic was done on me and my results are jaw-dropping beautiful. It’s wonderful to feel this great about myself again, truly. Honestly, I’m so uplifted It makes me want to show my end result from my procedures off to the world (I’m not but that’s how great I feel now!) I know I definitely made the right choice with Turner Medical Arts.

Robin H.

Reassuring and smooth.

Dani V.

I can’t say enough about my visit to see Dr. Turner today. I believe it is my first time in 60 years that a Doctor has taken me into his office for a 30-minute discussion. I went in to see about the Mona Lisa Touch and he explained everything in detail, what to expect, success rate, etc. plus we talked about vaginal atrophy and related menopause issues. I received my first of three treatments today (internally and externally) with virtually no pain. He was terrific throughout the process explaining as we went along. I can’t recommend him enough. 

Ellen O.

Nice office and staff. Really liked Dr. Turner. He was genuinely caring, personable, patient, knowledgeable and very informative. So glad I got the referral.

Anna G.

Very happy with the visit.

Dana D.

Dr. Turner is everything the online reviews say and more. He was personable, kind, informative and encouraging. I left his office feeling very well taken care of by not only Dr. Turner but his staff. It was an exceptional experience. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to my family or friends.

Rae S.

The first session was quick and easy and I’m feeling better already!

Andrea S.

Dr. Turner is an exceptional doctor! Knowledgeable, professional, honest and has a great sense of humor. I’m thankful for the opportunity to go to him.

Holly S.

Superb experience in all regards.

Karen S.

Allie is very professional, soft spoken and knows a lot about skin. Allie gave me a medical grade facial with the collagenizing device and a peel as well. It really changed the look and feel of my skin instantly. I will be a regular! Best Facial in SB!

Vicki M.

From the moment I walk in, to the minute I leave, I feel cared for and valued as a patient and as a woman. Thank you!

Jenna T.

Professional, kind, prompt, friendly.

Diana B.

Dr. Turner and his staff were very professional, but were caring and friendly and took time to speak with me and answer any questions.

Natalie G.

Allie is a super skilled Esthetician and really good with the collagen treatment!

Katie M.

It was my first time getting Botox and Cait did a great job with amazing results. I will book again in the future.

Hattie B.

Dr. Turner performed labiaplasty on me and I am extremely happy. The pre-op visit was very thorough as we reviewed photos and discussed what to expect. Surgery went very well, Tracy his assistant is very accommodating and professional. I decided to take only Advil instead of. Any pain meds and this served me very well. I took Advil prior and 4 hours later and that was all. I was able to return to my fitness routine after about 10 days, including riding a bike! I am very impressed with Dr. Turner and his staff, I would highly recommend them.

Mary M.

Within a few days starting HRH, I told Dr. Turner, I could hear the angels singing. Dr. Turner is performing a community service to women of a certain age….we are no longer crabby and no longer foggy-brained! Should be nominated as Person of the Year!


I am in month four of the Lifestyle Diet, and I feel fabulous. I have lost 16 pounds so far, I have tons of energy, and I am sleeping really well. I find the plan to be very easy to follow, and best of all, I don’t have cravings for sugar or carbs. I actually can’t quite believe that this is all so simple, but eliminating processed food and sugar is making a wonderful difference in my life. Seriously – it is not hard to do and it works. It’s not a diet – it’s just how I eat now.


It’s the Best Diet Plan for me: I’ve Reached My Goal 2 Years in a Row! I know it’s better to keep weight off once you reduce, but when life takes me in a different direction, I go back to Duncan Turner MD and re–up my diet plan. The TMA staff is very helpful and professional, though the work that really counts is what you do when you leave their office. By sticking to the eating plan, weighing the protein, and keeping to the portions, you should see fast results. I didn’t find it hard, as you choose the foods you like from the different options, and many of those foods can be eaten outside your home, at restaurants or private parties. For the first few weeks, it does help to take your lunch with you so you have it handy. The trick is to realize the plan is calibrated to help your body get what it needs and no more, so cheating just slows down the process and takes you longer to realize your goal. I never had side effects from the medication or the meal plan, and I know that with the right attitude, anyone can succeed with this program.

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