Sun damage, melasma, and uneven pigmentation begin disrupting the beauty of our complexions after the age of 30. The more we age, the more our skin succumbs to these signs of aging and hyperpigmentation. If you’re having trouble with uneven pigmentation and are interested in finding a solution, you would be happy to learn that proper skincare doesn’t always require a huge investment or drastic lifestyle change. At Turner Medical Arts we are happy to provide you with a range of hyperpigmentation treatment options to help you restore the health and beauty of your skin.


Struggling With Hyperpigmentation?

Age spots and other similar pigmentation issues are typically caused by overactive cells. The appearance of age spots, melasma, and sun damage on the face happens due to a combination of melanin cell “clumping” and aggressive ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. There is no one definitive cause of hyperpigmentation; its appearance is often unpredictable and based on a combination of factors that are difficult to track. Some age spots develop very slowly over time, while others seem to spring up suddenly without warning. This unpredictability means that we can’t control the onset of pigmentation issues. However, age spots and other skin irregularities can be treated once they appear.

Treatment Options for Hyperpigmentation

Here at Turner Medical Arts, we take pride in serving the needs of the Santa Barbara community. As such, we are happy to offer a range of treatments designed to improve the look and feel of your skin. Below are our treatment options, for more information we encourage you to schedule an appointment.

  • Skin Therapy – This exceptional skin rejuvenation option uses personal growth factors to reduce signs of sun damage, age spots, and other hyperpigmentation concerns.
  • COLLAGENIZER® Skin Rejuvenation – This multi-step treatment includes deep cleaning, microdermabrasion, collagen mask application, and more. Each step is personalized to address your skin concerns and give you the even texture you seek.
  • TCA Peels – This medical-grade peel is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scarring on the skin, adding radiance to your complexion.
  • Perfect Derma Peel – This comprehensive treatment option features a blend of rich ingredients brought together to dramatically improve the quality of your skin.
  • Skin Care Products – Our broad product line features a selection of creams, lotions, and serums used to nourish your skin and dramatically improve your complexion.
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Hyperpigmentation Treatments in Santa Barbara, California 

Don’t let hyperpigmentation decrease your confidence. Our comprehensive line of skin care and anti-aging treatments is here to give you the skin rejuvenating benefits you’re looking for. If you’re interested in restoring the beauty of your skin, we encourage you to make an appointment by calling (805) 962-1957 or submitting your information via the form below.

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