Facial Volume Loss

Facial Volume Loss

Facial volume loss adds years to our complexion, furthering signs of aging. Over time, subtle facial structure changes can become more and more evident. After passing age 30, our cheeks deflate, deep wrinkles begin to show around our lips, and our facial skin begins sagging. While some may be accepting of these changes, others can experience dramatically diminished self-confidence. If you’re struggling with volume loss, our professional team of medical experts is here to provide you with the treatments you seek.


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What Is Facial Volume Loss?

Facial volume loss is characterized by the presence of hollow cheeks and thin lips. These structural changes usually begin around one’s 30s and worsen over time. Shortly after hitting that benchmark, our bodies produce less collagen and subcutaneous fat. This, in turn, causes our skin to lose its elasticity and plumpness. Suddenly, your face becomes thinner, your skin sags, and the youthfulness of your complexion is reduced. While these changes are unavoidable, minimally invasive treatment options for reversing the signs of aging are available. 

Treatments for Regaining Facial Volume

Turner Medical Arts provides a multitude of treatments designed to improve your look and bring you ever closer to achieving your aesthetic goals. These treatments are FDA-approved and administered with the highest level of care. All of the following treatments are minimally invasive and can be done on an outpatient basis.

  • Dermal Filler – Our Juvéderm and Restylane facial fillers can improve plumpness in the lips, cheeks, and other regions of the face.
  • Skin Care Products – Our creams, serums, and lotions are made to improve the appearance of facial volume and texture.

Facial Volume Loss Treatments in Santa Barbara, California

The staff at Turner Medical Arts has the extensive medical experience necessary to address facial volume loss concerns. We’re here to make sure you get the best results with as little downtime as possible. Make an appointment to discuss our treatment options by calling (805) 962-1957 or submitting your information via the form below.

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