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Bone Score

We often take our bones for granted. They support us, they get us around, but how often have you thought about your bone health? Neglecting to care for your bones can lead to complications further down the line. In fact, roughly 10 million Americans have osteoporosis and another 44 million have low bone density. Of course, getting an X-ray every month is neither safe nor practical. That’s where Bone Score comes in. This safe, effective, and illuminating method lets us test the density of your bones and give you the treatment you deserve. To learn more, schedule your appointment here in Santa Barbara today.


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What is Bone Score?

Bone density tests have traditionally been the physician’s go-to for assessing bone health. Bone Score is the latest method in measuring bone density. This test uses an FDA-cleared device to understand the status of your bones and track changes over time. It’s safe, easy, and doesn’t use radiation to work. Best of all, it gives us our physicians the info they need to help you maintain your bone health for the long haul.

How Does Bone Score Work?

Bone Score microscopically feels your bone tissue and measures how well it resists challenges. It is radiation-free and can provide results immediately after the assessment. The process takes little time and the information we gather is invaluable for finding the treatment for you.

How Can This Help Me?

By getting an accurate measure of your bone density, we can determine your risk for developing osteoporosis and other diseases. The benefit of Bone Score is that it allows us to track your bone health over time. This is helpful in detecting any deterioration that may occur as a result of an underlying disease.

Bone Score Analysis in Santa Barbara, California

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