TMA Alliance

TMA Alliance

TMA Alliance is dedicated to supporting healthcare providers in launching their practices and working together to improve patient care. Collaboration is key in the healthcare industry, and by working together, TMA Alliance is able to bring the best in patient care to the Santa Barbara community. It’s all about improving healthcare outcomes.

TMA Alliance fosters collaboration and networking among healthcare providers. This allows for the exchange of ideas, best practices, and innovative approaches to healthcare delivery. By facilitating connections and partnerships, TMA Alliance encourages healthcare providers to work together in improving patient care.

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TMA partners with UCSB Pre-Med students rotating them thru all areas of the practice. Scribing, Setting up for procedures, assisting procedures, vitals with patients and seeing patients through from checking in and out. Our Alliance with UCSB and the fostering of students wanting to go into medicine has led to very strong relationships including referral letters to med school and other jobs after they leave us. We are proud of the nurturing aspect TMA provides as a safe place to learn from the very best. 

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