About Us

About Us

Turner Medical Arts is a state of the art multi-specialty medical practice in Santa Barbara, California.

What started as an OBGYN practice over 40 years ago has evolved into a very innovative group of physicians providing GYN Care & Hormone Replacement Therapy, Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic procedures. Our patient-centric approach is evident in every service we provide. We are a team of experts who stay current in new technology and lean towards non-invasive or minimally invasive methods, restore, revive and rejuvenate being our main keywords. 

We welcome your questions and want to discuss your concerns. Honest, open communication helps you understand the procedures and allows us to provide you with the excellent care you desire. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online at any time.

Our Team

Vagina Doctor Podcast

The Vagina Doctor with Duncan Turner MD is a podcast that unites mavericks in medicine & in LIFE & takes a deep dive into anti-aging,  the setbacks and lack of progression in women’s health, sexual health & the historical silliness of medicine!

This podcasts goal to find guests that have challenged the status quo and have created their own movement. 

Hi, I’m Duncan Turner and I am constantly amazed and humored by others reactions to my profession. Yes, I know I’m just a “Vagina Doctor” but it is really profound what is implied by this statement. The vagina is where  all life begins yet for some reason in society people don’t like to use the word vagina, feel shame in doing so, make up other words for it and can’t fathom a profession, especially for a male that would encompass it. 

I chose OBGYN as a specialty because when I was in general practice I realized I needed more obstetrical and surgical experience. I had always wanted to be a surgeon & so this mixture of multispecialty and surgery seemed a perfect fit. When I began my residency the vast majority were males and it’s been in the last 30 years that the pendulum has swung the other way. Let’s face it…I’m somewhat of a dinosaur, a dying breed!

Challenging the status quo is a huge part of my resume in women’s health and has either made me really respected or really despised. What I can say for sure after over 4 decades in this profession is no progress exists without challenging the status quo and that being popular doesn’t necessarily lead to growth in any profession. 

Duncan Turner MD has been in private practice in Santa Barbara California for over 40 years. His professional involvements and accolades include:

  • Family visitation after childbirth
  • Spearheaded Midwife managed obstetrics
  • Infertility GIFT procedure
  • Neonatal Intensive CARE Unit
  • Spearheaded Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Abandoning the Insurance business model
  • Spearheaded Menopausal Medicine & Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Longevity and Sexual Medicine for women and men

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