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Hair Loss Treatments

When administered by our expert staff, the hair loss treatments offered at Turner Medical Arts can help you halt your hair loss and regain your confidence.

Progressive hair loss is a common issue shared by many men and some women. Let’s face it, not everyone looks good bald and some would much rather hold on to their luxurious mane for a bit longer. At Turner Medical Arts, we adopt powerful regenerative medicine to help improve hair quality and growth. Our specialists provide a solution to those struggling with hair loss through the use of personal growth factors. This safe and effective method of hair regeneration is performed without the need for extensive surgery or medication. When administered by our expert staff, the hair loss treatments offered at Turner Medical Arts can help you halt your hair loss and regain your confidence.


What Are Personal Growth Factors?

Personal growth factors contain autologous plasma derived from blood. This common treatment option is frequently used by aestheticians to aid in skin rejuvenation, hair loss, and overall healing. Personal growth factor treatments work by using your own blood to promote the body’s natural regenerative process. When it comes to hair loss, growth factors are injected into your scalp and works to promote hair regrowth by stimulating dormant follicles. This therapy is a quick, in-office procedure with very little downtime that can safely provide you with the hair care you seek.

Hair Loss Treatments With Personal Growth Factors

When you visit our Santa Barbara clinic, we will begin by assessing your level of hair loss. If the use of personal growth factors is right for you, we will begin by extracting a small amount of blood and using a centrifuge to separate the needed material. Once separated, we will inject the growth factors into hair-bearing areas on your scalp. It takes approximately 30 minutes to perform this entire procedure. During the course of your hair loss treatment session, you may feel pin prick-like sensations similar to getting injections. These may cause some discomfort, therefore a topical numbing cream and a cold air chiller can be used upon request to provide you with a more comfortable treatment experience.

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Hair Loss Treatment Results

Following your hair restoration session, you may immediately return to your regular routine. Though no downtime is required, we recommend that you refrain from styling products for 36 hours after your session to avoid irritation post-procedure. Furthermore, avoiding hair dyes for 2-3 weeks is also advised. If you are using a topical medication such as Rogaine, this may be resumed the following week. To reduce swelling, you can place ice against the injected areas after 24 hours as needed. While treatment is effective, some people may require maintenance treatments every 6-12 months to maintain results.*

Hair Loss Treatments in Santa Barbara, California

Turner Medical Arts is dedicated to providing the Santa Barbara community with fast and effective hair loss treatments. We’re here to help you regain your confidence and improve the quality of your hair. To make an appointment, fill out the form below or call (805) 962-1957. We look forward to speaking with you.

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