Unwanted Hair

Unwanted Hair

Excessive, unwanted hair on the body can be difficult to deal with properly. While shaving can provide some temporary relief, razor burn and the irritation caused by waxing can be sources of great discomfort for some people. This is especially true for people with extra sensitive skin who often break out in hives or rashes after shaving. Our aesthetics experts at Turner Medical Arts believe that having clean, hairless skin shouldn’t compromise personal comfort. That is why we’re constantly researching new hair removal treatments and are happy to provide you with those we have found to be the most effective so far.


Struggling With Unwanted Hair?

The amount of unwanted hair produced by the body is largely based on individual hormone levels. The main hormones responsible for the density of body hair after puberty are known as androgens. High androgen levels can make the appearance of hair thicker and more prominent. For those who have high levels of androgens and sensitive skin, frequent irritation and discomfort can be persistent concerns. 

Unwanted Hair Removal Treatment Options

When it comes to unwanted hair removal, we want you to achieve the results you seek while remaining as comfortable as possible during treatment. For this reason, we are always investing in better and better treatments with you in mind. Our unwanted hair removal procedures maximize results while minimizing downtime and discomfort in the process. To learn more, we encourage you to contact us at our Santa Barbara center.

The treatments we offer are:

  • Perfect Derma Peel – This comprehensive treatment option features a blend of rich ingredients brought together to dramatically improve the quality of your skin and rid it of vellus hair as well, leaving you with silky smooth skin.
  • Laser Hair Removal – Our effective Palomar Vectus is a powerful diode laser system that provides high-volume, permanent hair reduction for a range of skin and hair types.
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Hair Removal in Santa Barbara

Dealing with unwanted hair can be really difficult for people with sensitive skin. If you’re interested in having silky smooth skin without the irritation of shaving, we invite you to take advantage of our treatment options. To learn more about what Turner Medical Arts can do for you, request an appointment by calling (805) 962-1957 or submitting your information via the form below.

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