Skin Therapy With Growth Factors

Skin Therapy With Growth Factors

As we get older, our skin becomes more and more susceptible to age spots, facial volume loss, and uneven pigmentation. Adding to this, frequent sun exposure has the effect of exacerbating these aging signs, making us appear much older than we really are. Currently, there are hundreds of non-surgical skin therapy options out on the market. However, only a small handful of these commercial treatments promise to deliver great results without external additives. The skin therapy solution provided by Turner Medical Arts is our natural and effective treatment choice. This revolutionary anti-aging option is designed to use your growth factors for skin rejuvenation and the building of new collagen.


Personal Growth Factors for Skin Therapy

Personal growth factors are a substance extracted from your blood through the use of a centrifuge. When extracted personal growth factors are injected into trouble areas, the factors naturally increase your skin healing and rejuvenation rate. Typically, when the injection process is preceded by microneedling, the application process is easier done and can provide even more effective results. In addition to the aforementioned benefits of this skin therapy treatment, microneedling also primes your skin, making the absorption of a topical gel, cream, and serum more potent.

Skin Therapy Procedure

When you join us at the Turner Medical Arts center, we will begin your procedure with a comprehensive assessment of your skin type and needs. If skin therapy using personal growth factors is a good choice for you, we will begin by extracting some blood and separating the growth factors for application. Once ready, we will apply the growth factors to your treatment area using our automated microneedling device. This device features a needle-tip containing several precision micro-needles. Due to the small size of the needles, the device will feel like light sandpaper moving across your skin throughout the course of your session. Please note that some areas may be more sensitive than others, but a hydrating gel will be applied to your skin to minimize any discomfort you may feel. The total session time will take roughly 30 minutes to an hour.

Treatment Results

Improvements in facial volume and skin texture can be seen immediately after your skin therapy sessions.* For best results, we recommend 3-6 treatments every 4-6 weeks after your initial session.* After completing the full line of recommended sessions, your skin rejuvenation will be visible after roughly six months.* Healing after the procedure depends on individual skin types, however, some redness can be experienced after treatment in all cases. This and all other side effects will subside in 2-4 days on average.

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Skin Therapy Treatments in Santa Barbara, California

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