Aesthetic Treatments for Men: Hair Loss Treatments and Dermal Fillers

Aesthetic Treatments for Men: Hair Loss Treatments and Dermal Fillers

Despite the many advancements in the aesthetics industry, there is still a stigma surrounding treatments for men. Many men are concerned about looking too feminine or fake after an injection. Some who struggle with hair loss may even be worried about their new hair looking unnatural. At Turner Medical Arts, we’re here to put your worries surrounding aesthetic treatments for men to rest! With a professional touch and careful attention, you can improve your look without worry or judgment.

At our Santa Barbara office, we happily provide effective treatments for helping men look their best. If you’ve noticed an increase in wrinkles, a decline in your facial volume, or even balding signs, we have what you need to feel confident again. Learn more about our aesthetic treatments for men and schedule a consultation today!

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Hair Loss Treatments to Restore Your Mane

The struggle against hair loss has been an ongoing battle for centuries. People have tried a number of different approaches to tackling this issue. From special serums to creams, to cover-up methods like toupees, there are many ways of dealing with a bald spot, but some are more effective than others. At Turner Medical Arts, we offer hair loss treatments that rely on personal growth factors to help you restore your hair.

Personal growth factors are derived from your blood. The process of extracting these compounds and using them is really straightforward. First, a small amount of blood is extracted from your arm and put into a centrifuge to separate the needed material. Once separated, the growth factors are injected into hair-bearing areas on your scalp. It takes approximately 30 minutes to perform this entire procedure. During the course of your hair loss treatment session, you may feel pin prick-like sensations similar to getting injections. We provide a topical numbing cream and a cold air chiller to keep you comfortable during the process.

Aesthetic Treatments for Men and Dermal Fillers

While neurotoxins have become much more popular among men, dermal fillers continue to lag behind. However, whether it’s the stigma or the fear of lingering, unnatural results, dermal fillers should still be considered. If you’ve noticed deep facial creases or lines around your eye or mouth, these simple injections may be just the ticket to restoring your look. At Turner Medical Arts, we offer a full selection of JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® fillers. Each of these is designed to give you the look you want without complications.

When appropriately injected, dermal fillers leave little to no side effects aside from some redness at the injection site. They offer fast recovery, no downtime, and results that last for months! When it comes to aesthetic treatments for men, we understand that getting fast; understated results is the top priority. At Turner Medical Arts, we can provide beautiful treatment outcomes with little to no downtime, helping you feel confident and comfortable.

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