Growth Factors and ME

Growth Factors and ME

I recently tried a personal growth factor facial treatment (Vampire Facial). I did the Microneedling with tear-trough injections. I was really excited going into this treatment. I avoid facial fillers and I hate skin stress of any kind. If I get a pimple I don’t leave the house so I am always looking for a less invasive approach to improve the tone and texture of my skin without looking like a burn victim or that I may have been beaten. Working for a medical practice has its perks and my friends say if they were me they would be indulging in services 24/7, but the reality is much different. It’s rare that I indulge, and I can’t even explain why, other than to say maybe I’m just a bit in denial of being middle-aged.

First off let me just say this. Hydrate really well before this treatment. I didn’t so the blood draw didn’t go smoothly. My veins are hard to find on a good day, so showing up dehydrated was not good, but after three pokes and a spin in the centrifuge my blood was ready to go. My face had been numbing for a good 15-20 minutes before the Dermapen was used for the microneedling. The numbing cream really works for this procedure. I had no pain and that’s saying a lot because I am highly sensitive to discomfort of any kind (I.e. total wimp).

The combination of the personal growth factors with the microneedling is brilliant. The Dermapen which is composed of many microneedles creates thousands of channels through the skin while the growth factors is dripped on to the skin and can work its way into those channels. The body quickly rushes to repair the injuries by depositing collagen and elastin and increasing blood flow to the area. By doing so the skin looks tighter, clearer, rosy and bright.

The tear trough injections were next to treat the hollowness under my eyes and it was just three little pokes under each eye with the just growth factors, no filler. This is very safe (which is why I did it) and I had no bruising. Now I just had to wait to 2-4 weeks to see results. And not wash my face for a day… this was the hardest part! You will have dried blood on your face, tiny scabs, its rather alarming really, I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of Kim K and Giselle,  but the next AM I washed my face and they all came off. My daughter was slightly traumatized when I picked her up from dance, so plan ahead,  but as long as I don’t have blow-fish lips she’s good!

 Unlike filler, the benefits of personal growth factors take some time to show up. But it’s definitely worth the wait.

 It was three weeks exactly that I noticed my dark circles from the hollowness were gone. No more concealer. The tone and texture of my skin I started seeing results sooner, about two weeks after the initial treatment. I am really happy with my skin now right upon waking up. My skin tone is bright, not as dingy as it was previous. I feel more confident without makeup. I really want to have this treatment again on my neck and chest. And maybe even my hands and knees. Working my way towards the 24/7… I see why people are raving about these “vampire” procedures. They are noninvasive, safe and deliver the results they promise.

-Karen Spaulding

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