MAMMOGRAMS: The Biggest Scam Perpetrated on Women in Medical History

MAMMOGRAMS: The Biggest Scam Perpetrated on Women in Medical History

By Gaea Powell, BCT and Breast Health Advocate

These are exciting and extraordinary times for women. No one can argue that the “Me Too” movement is vital in paving the way for a safer and healthier world for us, and more importantly, for our daughters. This path must include demanding that doctors and the FDA provide education on preventing breast cancer and easy access to the Safe and Effective ways to monitor for disease.

One of the most important strategies in lowering your risk of breast cancer- SAY NO TO MAMMOGRAMS!

I hope the recent momentum and determination demonstrated by millions of women to expose predators who hide in plain sight, will compel us to widen our scope and focus on those within our current Breast Cancer industry with a vested interest in mining for breast cancer.

Unfortunately, thousands of women were unnecessarily harmed this very day, and millions more have been victimized for decades. Sadly, these women willingly complied with their abusers demands. Though their intuition and common sense warns them to flee, they are deceived by those whom we trust with our lives, profit driven doctors and the FDA. Their sales pitch, “Do what we say or die!” Their strategy, induce fear to insure compliance. It is time to take legal action against those complicit in criminal indifference to the corporate driven, government sanctioned barbarism that continues to lead women down a misguided path of needless harm, and even death.

How do we slay this multi-billion dollar Goliath? Say NO TO MAMMOGRAMS! Though The American College of Radiology, the American Cancer Society and the FDA have known since 1992 that mammograms are wrong 80% of the time (either false positives or false negatives), that utilizing ionizing radiation can cause cancer (3D mammograms produce even more radiation), and that compression can damage delicate breast tissue and spread cancer if a tumor is present, they continue to demand that we get our annual mammograms.

This practice obviously guarantees billions in profits, but at what cost? It also perpetuates additional abuse and is responsible for subjecting millions of women to years of psychological distress, harmful screenings and procedures, irreversible surgeries and toxic treatments. Most are ineffective and can cause more aggressive disease, unbearable pain and suffering, and in many cases, a horrific death.

An Alternative: Preventive Action, Breast Thermography and Ultrasound

Though many women instinctively know they should take a stand, most feel powerless in stopping this abuse. Trusting souls are disempowered, misled and deceived into believing there is no alternative. The truth is, there are many options available. If women demanded and utilized these scientifically proven alternatives, it would severely impact the very lucrative breast cancer industry’s business model. How? These options cannot be patented and/or peddled solely for medical use, negatively affecting their bottom-line.

Education is the key to unlocking an empowering future. Eat real food, implement optimal whole health and preventative strategies. Understand the anatomy of the breast (it is a gland), practice the self-breast exam, listen to your body, use lymphatic support therapies, utilize non-invasive screenings/tests. Maybe most importantly, know that most lumps and bumps come and go, and most women don’t get breast cancer. If you do suspect or are told a lump is cancer, don’t panic! Your hair is not on fire, you are not contagious and there are many, many ways to heal cancer (in lieu of declaring war on yourself). Talk to women who have taken an alternative path, and to progressive doctors who have a different perspective. You have plenty of time to make a choice that is in your own best interest.

Engage early with non-invasive, state-of-the-art breast imaging options, such Infrared Breast Thermography and Breast Ultrasound. This is a very empowering strategy. Thermography provides physiological data that can be monitored for change and ultrasound’s anatomical data can help determine if a lump is a benign cyst or a potential cancer. Both technologies are completely safe and harmless, are very effective in providing important data for women of all ages with all breast types, including dense breasts, and for those with implants. These tools help you to be proactive in taking control of your breast health and in making educated decisions.

I know the devastation of a breast cancer diagnosis. I was with my mother when she received hers. I helplessly witnessed her suffering and horrific death, after the cancer returned with a vengeance. She was only 49. Three decades later, nothing has changed. Women are still being told that getting their annual mammogram is their best option. This is a lie! Nine out of ten women find their own lump between their annual mammograms. If there is a “diagnosis” (millions of women are treated for cancer they didn’t have) they are forced down the cut, burn and poison “rabbit hole”. Only to have their cancer return, leading to more toxic treatments, unimaginable suffering and ultimately death (many within about five years of a woman’s original diagnosis).

I have also personally interviewed hundreds of women who have shared their tragic experiences with me. Stories of bullying, being brutalized, unrelenting fear, and of complete disempowerment. I have seen the evidence of their mutilation, witnessed the impact of their psychological torture and the repercussions of the toxic treatments. I have also interviewed numerous doctors, experts and lawyers who warn women of the dangers of our current “standard of care”. As you can imagine, I cannot remain silent. Educating and empowering others to protect themselves is my mission.

Many doctors, scientists, government agencies, and advocates have also warned us. There have been numerous studies, books and articles written, exposing the Mammogram Scam, including writings from doctors John Goffman, Gilbert Welch, Peter Goetsch, Ben Johnson, Christiane Northrup, Christine Horner, and Samuel Epstein. Studies published by the US Preventative Services; New England Journal of Medicine; The Lancet Medical Journal; Archives of Internal Medicine; British Medical Journal; and the Nordic Cochrane Center have also repeatedly challenged the validity of mammography and the dangerous protocols it leads to.

Take Control of Your Breast Health!

As long as the American College of Radiology, the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, and the FDA (with their unconscionable conflicts of interest) collude, the fox will continue to guard the henhouse. They know it is easier to deceive the masses than it is to convince the masses that they have been deceived.

Let’s prove them wrong! It is time to take control of your breast health and arm yourself against the deception. Your best weapons are education, and your smart phone! Record all medical appointments. After all, you are paying for their expertise. This strategy eliminates the bullying, God-like dictation, coercion, as well as forcing your doctor to take the necessary time in providing comprehensive answers. Answers to ALL of your questions.

 Take off the pink ribbon blindfold. If not for your sake, for the sake of our daughters.

 Start lowering your risk of breast cancer today, SAY NO TO MAMMOGRAMS!

 Say YES to a new paradigm, BREAST HEALTH AWARENESS!

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