Happy woman after FormaV treatments


The FormaV can improve blood circulation and relax vaginal muscles. Schedule an appointment in Santa Barbara, CA.

Monalisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch Treatment

This revolutionary non-surgical, in-office procedure offers relief from vaginal pain, dryness, incontinence, and painful intercourse.

Smiling woman after Morpheus8 V treatments

Morpheus8 V

The Morpheus8 V can provide great relief from urinary incontinence and enhance sexual pleasure. Schedule in Santa Barbara, CA.

O-Shot at Turner Medical Arts


The O-Shot is a new revolutionary treatment option designed to improve women’s sexual health and treat urinary incontinence.

Happy woman after VTONE treatments

VTONE for Urinary Incontinence

Our VTONE treatments are a great choice for urinary incontinence relief. Schedule in Santa Barbara, CA today.

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