Vaginal Laxity: Treating a Mother’s Private Suffering in Santa Barbara, CA

Vaginal Laxity: Treating a Mother’s Private Suffering in Santa Barbara, CA

Motherhood is an important job. Many women consider it the most important job they will undertake in their lifetime. It requires you to constantly put others needs in front of your own. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself, however. It’s important that you maintain your health in order to best be able to provide for both you and your family – health which also includes your vaginal or intimate wellness. Following childbirth, many women develop a condition called vaginal laxity. More times than not, though, women neglect to address the topic with their physician, either thinking it is normal or because they don’t believe that they have the time to focus on themselves.

What is Vaginal Laxity?

Vaginal laxity, although not necessarily serious, is a condition that can cause much distress to an individual’s life. It can affect not just your vaginal health but also your overall well-being. Vaginal laxity is when there is a looseness felt in the vagina. It can cause discomfort, vaginal dryness, a loss of sensation and urinary incontinence. It’s an embarrassing topic to address, especially for young mothers, and often leads to women suffering in silence.

Vaginal laxity is a common occurrence post-childbirth due to the stretching of the vaginal skin and tissue during vaginal birth. During labor, the skin hyperextends and is often damaged, causing it to become loose and weakened. The collagen fibers that provide structure to the skin become depleted, leaving the skin unable to return to its former shape or size.

The physical impacts of vaginal laxity are nothing short of unpleasant, but women also have to endure emotional stress inherent to many conditions involving their intimate regions. Vaginal laxity can cause a huge disconnect between partners, as women can become disinterested in sexual intimacy due to either discomfort or a lack of sensation during intercourse making it difficult to reach orgasm. Self-confidence and self-esteem can be affected as well, resulting in even more emotional distress.

The Solution

Fortunately, mothers don’t have to live with this uncomfortable side effect of childbirth. There is a quick and easy solution. Intimate female rejuvenation with The Viveve® System is helping to give mothers back their confidence and vaginal comfort.

Using radiofrequency energy, The Viveve® System helps to trigger new collagen formation and cell turnover. This strengthens and tightens the vaginal tissues and muscles thus restoring vaginal tautness. In as little as 30 days post-treatment you can find relief from vaginal laxity and its uncomfortable associated symptoms. Best of all, it doesn’t require any surgery or downtime. Only one 30-minute session is necessary to achieve results allowing you to be the wonderful mother you are without skipping a beat.

Motherhood is difficult enough; you don’t need to have to spend your time worrying about vaginal laxity. Turner Medical Arts offers intimate female rejuvenation to patients of all ages to help restore your vaginal tautness and improve your overall vaginal health allowing you to focus on the things that truly matter – your children. Contact Dr. Duncan Turner today and schedule a consultation.

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