The Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet

All the signs point in this direction.

Weight management has been a mainstay of our practice at Turner Medical Arts for many years. We have been very successful helping patients achieve their ideal weight, up and down, and we strive to put together the best program possible. That means constantly researching, learning and when appropriate changing our methods.

The basic methodology we have utilized for the last few years has been the KETOGENIC DIET which science shows is beneficial not only in weight management but effective in managing blood sugar, diminishing the need for medications, improving cholesterol and balancing hormone activity.

Of the three macronutrients, carbohydrates, fats and proteins the only one you can actually live without is the carbohydrate. Interesting as that is the major energy source in the North American diet. It wasn’t always so however, we actually evolved to get are energy from fats and proteins but due to the availability of cheap (and tasty) carbs such as grains, root vegetables and fruits the carbs are winning….and hence weight issues.

A change to a ketogenic diet is simple but not easy. There are side effects from a radical dietary change that need to be addressed, not least dealing with cravings and HABITS. I am told it takes 21 days for us humans to develop a new habit. So at Turner Medical Arts we’re trying to make it easier for our patients to manage these moguls.

I am frequently approached by the weight loss and dietary supplement industry to bring things into the practice. Usually if there is something of interest I do what many scientists and physicians over the centuries have done, experiment on my family…. and myself!

I have found a few things to add to our program and some come from a company called Plexus. One is a drink “Slim”(it comes in a convenient powder form that dissolves easily in water) that helps me balance blood sugar, diminishing appetite and cravings. I drink this before lunch. Another called “Block” I take before the evening meal, this helps diminish the metabolism of carbohydrates thus assisting in ketogenesis. These are capsules.

Earlier in the day, for breakfast, in addition to the options we already suggest in our programs I have started using specifically the Bulletproof version of MCT oil as opposed to coconut oil for “Bulletproof Coffee”. I love it and such great way to start the day.

We have all of these products and others available in the office and some are provided in our weight management programs. Check the web site, call or come on in.

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