What’s a girl to do with the hair down there?

What’s a girl to do with the hair down there?

With all the shaving and plucking and waxing it’s really hard to navigate exactly what to do in terms of how much to remove when examining Laser Hair Removal options.

The trends in hair removal date as far back as ancient Egypt, 3000 BC. Women and men removed most of the hair on their bodies using sharp stones and other materials such as bronze knives in place of razors. Yikes! They were also the first to use the now common “sugaring method” that we refer to as a form of waxing. In ancient Greece, 650 BC many women moved towards plucking each hair individually. I have read two accounts, one that plucking all the hair was common and the other is that the landing strip first became a “thing” at this time.

In the 15th and 16th centuries prostitutes went completely bare to avoid lice. These women used a “merkin” (a wig) to maintain some sense of modesty. How weird is this? Can you imagine having a wig down there?

With the release of the bikini in 1946, women were showing more skin and trimming and shaving the bikini line only became common. But then the 60’s and 70’s hit and the sexual revolution begged the population to accept and embrace their bodies and their sexuality. A natural “bush” was 100% on trend and became almost a symbol of the times.

Then hello 90’s… and hello Pamela Anderson and the rest of the Baywatch bunch with their high cut red one pieces! This encouraged women to go back to the tidy down there. The fully bare Brazilian was the new trend and wax and cloth strips were used to rip out hair. OUCH! Sex and the City featured Carrie Bradshaw’s experience and her response to the excruciatingly painful procedure. Priceless!

The years 2000 to 2018 pubic hair is in any number of shapes and styles. The landing strip, Bermuda triangle, Thunderbolt, postage stamp, heart and even au-natural.

Laser Hair removal (or more accurately Permanent Laser Hair Reduction) has been around since the late 1990’s and has evolved and improved as all technology does. Now-a-days laser hair removal lasers have gotten much more efficient, way quicker and less painful than their predecessors. Let’s face it, hair removal of any kind is not for the faint at heart. It’s uncomfortable, especially in the highly sensitive vaginal region. But if you look at the other alternatives, it seems like it’s the best way to go. You just need to make sure you are thinking ahead, and do what’s right for you. Trend or no trend.

-Karen Spaulding

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